The IBU brand, imported in Italy from F.C.M., is subject to a continuous and constant quality control.
F.C.M. cooperate with  factories in China exclusively selected and repeatedly certified that oversee all stages of production of the bearings by operators of trust on the ground that guarantee an outstanding product compared to standard productions of competitors.

The F.C.M. imports the following categories:

• Ball bearings and roller Stainless Chrome.
• Stainless steel Ball Bearings.
• Needle Roller Bearings

The F.C.M. import the following series:

series AS from AS 0414 to AS 7095
series AXK  from AXK 0414 to AXK 7095
series HK  from HK 0509 to HK 5022
series IR  from IR 6X10X10 to IR 50X60X28
series KR  from KR 16 PP to KR 62 PP
series KRV from KRV 16 PP to KRV 47 PP
series LS  from LS 0821 to LS 7095
series NA 49  from NA 4900 to NA 4911
series NA 69  from NA 6901 to NA 6910
series NATR  from  NATR 5 PP to NATR  40 PP
series NATV from  NATV 5 PP to NATV  40  PP
series NK  from NK  5/10 to NK  60/35
series NKI  from NKI 5/12 to NKI  55/35
series NUKR  from NUKR 35 to NUKR 62
series NUTR  from NUTR 15 to NUTR 50110

The products listed are in stock.
For more information and details about the products download the F.C.M. catalog